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Date: 2001-08-14 13:07:00 UTC
Subject: Frogs and Ferrets

I have read Bob's writing on the polecat diet. I noticed that
polecats ate frogs and toads.

I have a nice backyard that my 7 ferrets go out to play in in the
morning and in the late afternoon when it is cooler.

I recently built a pond which, naturally, attracted a frog. Every
morning it is a race to see who can get to the frog first. Me or the
ferrets. When I get there first I put the frog in the neighbors yard
or take it to the irrigation canal down the street but it always
returns. So If the ferrets get the frog first I hear the poor thing
squeal in torment. I have to rescue the frog before they can drag it
off to their little hidey hole.

My question is can a ferret eat a frog? I know that frogs are toxic,
but are they toxic to ferrets as well?