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Date: 2001-08-14 14:31:00 UTC
Subject: Re Surgery on Ferret w/ Cardio? Help?

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). However, I am looking for input as to what some of you
out there have decided to do. Anyone been in a similar situation
gone ahead with the surgery? Did you regret it or was it a good
idea? Vets and vet techs, do you have any input to offer up? Any
you just go with the Lupron Depots and avoid the anethesia and

Well, I've done both. The first one I did with cardiac problems did
well, the second one never made it off the table. But most of the
time my
clients have opted for Lupron. Really it's going to depend on yours
and Dr.
Weiss's assessment of his strength and whether or not he's likely to
do well
with surgery. Good luck, Erin!

Dr. Ruth
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