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From: sharon allen
Date: 2001-08-15 12:02:00 UTC
Subject: update on Lucy

For those of you who have been following Lucy, who has
a normal adrenal panel, questionable ultrasound and
profound fur loss as well as insulinoma:

My vet called the vet from the University of Tenn and
he said that perhaps the disease is "in the early
stages" and we should take her off the pred for a few
weeks and run the panel again to see if it shows
anything different.

The very competent surgeon in Richmond who operated on
Toby in June and removed his left adrenal does not
feel comfortable doing an exploratory on Lucy because
he is afraid he will find normal adrenal glands based
on the panel and the surgery would be futile.

My vet is frustrated and I am frustrated and in tears.
Lucy is hyper and a little more aggressive each day.
She is nipping at me and you can tell that she doesn't
want to. Her vulva is not enlarged, she is eating and
drinking well, but something is wrong. What else can
be done? Maybe a chemistry panel? I just don't know
anymore; but I do know I don't like the situation as
it is now.

Sharon Allen

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