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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-08-15 15:37:00 UTC
Subject: Older Neuters?

I'd like some opinions.
In the last year or so, several of us in rescue have noticed a
problematic trend. In like 70% or more of the case....
A male ferret 4 years or older, unfixed for whatever reason.
In perfect health at time of neutering.
They crash after the neuter, to not eating, not responding.
Best cases, within a few weeks they recover and get back to
normal.... sometimes it takes months of nursefeeding to bounce
back, I know of a couple lost.
I've only had one older rescue male neuter in the past year,
and yup it happened here to... thankfully he bounced back
rather well.

Theories on why anyone? Anyone else seeing this?

Which also brings me to my next concern.
Retiring older male breeders? I usually retire a guy in his
4th year.
Such as Ares, who will be my next retired male..... I would
rather have him altered as he still going into really strong
ruts and altered he would be more content as a companion for
my retired spayed girl and less stressed.
But now I am terrified of this whole *phenomenon* I have been
seeing and hearing about.

Any thoughts??