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From: kathie weber
Date: 2001-08-15 18:11:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Allergic reaction from ferrets?

Hi: I'm allergic to my 3 ferrets (found out by doing
testing) and as long as I wash my hands after I touch
them i'm ok. They can't sleep in my bedroom because of
my asthma, but thats ok as long as I can enjoy them
form a distance. Can't live without them.
--- Steve Austin <kazpat1@j...> wrote:
> I think allergies to ferrets is somewhat uncommon.
> It is unlikely it will cause someone problems if the
> ferrets are not in direct contact to the person.
> I would suggest running an air purifier in the
> apartment
> large enough for the room you have it in.
> However, the dander and fur from the ferret can be
> transferred
> from you to other places you go.
> I remember a study done once in an inner city
> school, and found
> cat dander on a lot of the lockers, tables, chairs
> and other common
> areas the children were in. I don't know if it
> caused anyone
> problems, but if someone can't figure out why their
> allergies
> are bothering them there may be allergens in their
> environment
> that are unseen.
> Patty
> :
> > I'd like to know what kind of problems, if any,
> that ferrets pose for
> >
> > people with allergies. I'm a dorm parent at a
> boarding school, and
> > I
> > live in a two-bedroom apartment attached to the
> dorm. Many of the
> > boarders have various allergies. Is it possible
> for a child to get
> > an
> > allergic reaction from my ferrets if the ferrets
> never leave my
> > apartment?
> >
> > Gayle
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