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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-08-16 12:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Bumps on head

Skin lesions are not that uncommon in ferrets. Mast cell lesions are the
more common, and are very itchy, as well as can be multiple and
can come and go. There are other types of skin lesions, and
you can check out Dr. Williams site to see a pic, and explanation
Recommended treatment is eventual removal.

I just had one removed from my ferret today, mostly because
it kept irritating her, and had enlarged over the past few months.


On 15 Aug 2001 23:17:53 -0700 "ahinton" <ahinton@s...> writes:
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone out there can tell me what these bumps on my
ferrets head may be. He has one on his face right below one of his eyes
that is about the size of half a pencil eraser. It is red and round and
it is raised. It was present several months ago but went away on it's
own. This time it has not gone away and there is another one that looks
similar that has appeard on the top of his head. He has been scratching
because they both had some crusty dried blood around them. Other than
that they don't seem to cause any pain.


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