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From: katharine
Date: 2001-08-16 19:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Can ferrets be mute?

<He is very quiet, meaning that I have not heard
him make any noise except for a very quiet hissing
when we are playing. He had his tail caught in a
cabinet door and hardly made any noise
even though I'm sure it had to hurt........Is this
maybe a trait in cinammon ferrets?<

Champ was a cinnamon and I can assure you that he
could chatter up a storm. Put him around a
strange ferret (from afar; he beat them up if he
could get to them) or other animals, and he would
walk around muttering. It was the funniest
thing. The first time I noticed him doing it was
when we were visiting a friend (who also has
ferrets) who raises reptiles. The reptiles and
ferrets were all in the same room. I guess Champ
could smell them. He muttered the entire
weekend. I had never heard him do it before. He
reminded me of a little old man shuffling along
and muttering to himself. He didn't doit again
until a new rescue came into the house.