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From: The Divide Homeowners Assoc.
Date: 2001-08-17 01:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Saying hello, and Charlie's kidney

Larry, my ferret oliver has had kidney problems for 3-4
months, even though no hope was given back then. Could
charlie also be anemic? Oliver was and was quite
lathargic (?). We started with an iv to flush his
kidneys and epogen for the anemia. Still alive and
doing quite well today, no more epogen but daily
feedings of a modified diet with lots of h20. Good
Luck, Dee and her 7, soon to be 8.

Quoting Larry <imagomundi@n...>:

> Hi,
> I have only just joined the group, I found it whilst
searching for
> extra info on ferret kidney problems. I haven't found
much in the way
> of encouraging info !
> Charlie (one of my five friends) is a three and a bit
year old Hob,
> untill about six or eight weeks ago he weighed around
a kilo (just
> under five pounds). His weight is now less than half
that, he gets
> more lethargic by the day, but still has some
appetite. The vet that
> we visit has put him on steroids and a low sodium,
low protein diet
> (for cats with kidney problems I believe), but
Charlie is I fear
> losing the fight and I don't think it will be too
long before I have
> to do the "best thing for him", hard as it will be.
I'm not sure how
> I will know when that time has come or if there is
anything else that
> I can do for him in the mean time.
> As if that isn't enough Maggie a four year old Jill
has been
> diagnosed with Lymphoma. She is currently taking
Prednisolone, and
> appears to be doing very well, although they do don't
they. She is an
> odd looking ferret, a rescue who looks to be the
result of too much
> in breeding (short tail, odd body shape etc).
> All this gives the impression that my ferret keeping
time is a sad
> experience, but that is not the case. The others,
Abbie, Harvey
> (Charlies brother) and Daisey are all fine, as were
Maggie and
> Charlie until recently.
> Anyway, hello to you all, and appologies for the long
> Regards,
> Larry
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