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Date: 2001-08-17 08:49:00 UTC
Subject: Melatonin for adrenal symptoms


I have 2 older female ferrets who have both had adrenal surgery. One had her
left removed, the other had the left removed and the right debulked. Both
are now again showing symptoms. They are in excellent health otherwise.

Due to their ages (over 5) and previous surgeries, my new vet (I have moved
to a new state) does not want to attempt surgery. The shots are not
currently an option for me or my vet. Therefore, I want to try using
melatonin for them. I have a dosage of 1mg/kg once per day about 8 hours
after sunrise.

My question: Is it harmful to go a little over or a little under this
dosage? One ferret weighs about 750mg and the other is around 850. Pill
splitting to this degree is pretty difficult.

The pills I found are 1mg/tablet. Can I give either 1/2 or 1 tablet per
ferret without harm? If so, which is better - 1 or 1/2??

Thank you,