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From: Lisa Shortley
Date: 2001-08-17 16:25:00 UTC
Subject: Re: adrenal ferret- surgery or lupron?

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., katharine <shurcool@i...> wrote:
> Ellen wrote:
> Not so far. We tested his electrolytes 6 days
> post-surgery and they were fine. When he
> completes his prednisone, we'll test again. I'm
> hoping there's some ectopic tissue in there to
> protect him.

Hi Katherine and everyone!

I never heard of testing a bilateral adrenal ferret 6 days after
surgery. What was the reason behind that? I was always told to test
4 weeks after surgery to give the hormones a chance to die down and
regulate after the removal of both glands. You'd test the
sodium/potasium ratio and if it's less than 28, then hormone
supplimentation would be needed.

I don't know that I'd hope for the ectopic tissue in there. It is
very simple to administer the once monthly injections of DOCP to
supplement the loss of the adrenal tissue.

Thus far, four of my guys have had bilateral adrenalectomies this
year. None of these guys have needed hormone supplimentation (they
had enough tissue left behind). BUT, within a short amount of time,
began to show adrenal symptoms again. Three of them have had an
additional adrenal surgery to remove ectopic tissue that had grown
since their bilateral surgery. One of my ferrets, Noobie, had his
bilateral surgery in May, and just had this ectopic surgery last
Friday - it grew that fast. So I don't know that I would "hope" for
ectopic tissue as even the smallest amount of it can produce enough
hormone to keep the ferret bald, aggressive, or whatever his or her
adrenal symptoms were.

Just my two cents on it all. It seems like not too many people have
heard of ectopic adrenal tissue or it's effects on the ferrets'
adrenal symptoms, but several of us in Pittsburgh have had to put our
ferrets through another surgery because of it. Not too encouraging!

Lisa Shortley