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From: gpc
Date: 2001-08-17 22:30:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret With High Fever

I am urgently looking for help as one of my ferrets suddenly
came down with a fever and was not responding like normal. I
have taken my ferret to the vet and they started him on a
antibiotic called "Amoxicillan" which did nothing to reduce
the fever. My ferret is running a fever that is staying in a
range of 105 degrees, has also run a sonagram and shows no
blockages, no liver problem and only visible signs other than
green mucus diarrea. Also has checked for the ECE, flu and
corona virus and blood work shows no white blood cell
elevation and all other seems to be normal. I am very confused
and concerned about the health of my ferret. Anyone has any
information on ECE testing, something were not picking as
cannot find any information at all and everything seems to
lead to this or common flu? Please help as this ferret has
been running a fever for about 4 days and I had hopes that the
vet could of reduced the fever , thanks and also I do have
another 5 ferrets but no other ferret show any symptoms, say a
prayer for my little one.