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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-17 22:55:00 UTC
Subject: RE: ECE

> I have a ferret with ECE. He has been sick for a month and is now
> eating a little bit on his own. He gets soup about five times per
> day and he seems to be doing OK. The vet has him on pred. to help
> with the inflammation of his intestines but his poops are still loose
> sometimes and seedy. He doesn't seem to be losing weight but he
> hasn't gained any back either. I don't know what to do. He grinds
> his teeth when he eats and digs at the floor afterwards. He has
> already been through a 14 day Biaxin regiment, and he seems better
> than before. But he is still not back to normal.

> I appreciate any advice.
> Thanks,
> Erica Fitz Honey and Buster

> PS Dr. Williams, I sent the samples to Dr. Kiupel and he confirmed
> the presence of the coronavirus. Now I need to try to collect serum
> samples to send him. Thank you.

Hang in there. When two kits brought it into our household we had
sick ferrets (3 very sick) for 3 months, then, of course, we had the
long time afterward of being careful to not infect others, and there
was some residual damage in the worst hit ones, all of whom became
terribly ill and emaciated, needing regular rehydration and so on.
We didn't know to keep the diet bland for a long time, so you've got
a leg up on us in that regard. Three of our's had complications and
we had to try this and then that till we found what worked for each.
The immediate complications were ulceration, secondary infection, and
colitis -- each individual different. One had Carafate and other
meds, one had antibiotics, and one had steroids when we finally found
what worked for each.