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Date: 2001-08-17 22:18:00 UTC
Subject: Beware! My ferret was hurt by her cage!

Caution to all owner of these type of cage!. I have a midwest type of
cage (don't know the brand tought) and my ferret where roaming free
in the room. I was wake in the middle of the night by a nature call,
and I heard soft noise coming from their room. When I look I found my
ferret hanging up side down by 1 toe, the noise where the one she was
doing each time she tried to unhook her toe! She got stuck by the
upper door, this one have two half circles, used with a bar to hold
the door close. The toe got between the to half-circle, and it was
just tight enough to let the toe between but not enough so she could
get free. She got there because she love go climb the cage and look
aroud from the top.

I released her, and she was visibly hurt, she wouldn't walk on the
injured paw. Now she is ok, the paw is still twice as big as the
other, but unless a little limping she seem fine.

BTW, I know it's possible she broke the toe or her paw, (but the to
leg bones seem ok), does she really need to see a vet for a broken
toe/paw? (I know hospital here won't do anything for a human broken