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Date: 2001-08-18 00:07:00 UTC
Subject: Re: ECE

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., erka2719@a... wrote:
> I have a ferret with ECE. He has been sick for a month and is now
> eating a little bit on his own. He gets soup about five times per
> day and he seems to be doing OK. The vet has him on pred. to help
> with the inflammation of his intestines but his poops are still
> sometimes and seedy. He doesn't seem to be losing weight but he
> hasn't gained any back either. I don't know what to do. He grinds
> his teeth when he eats and digs at the floor afterwards. He has
> already been through a 14 day Biaxin regiment, and he seems better
> than before. But he is still not back to normal.
> I appreciate any advice.
> Thanks,
> Erica Fitz Honey and Buster
> PS Dr. Williams, I sent the samples to Dr. Kiupel and he confirmed
> the presence of the coronavirus. Now I need to try to collect
> samples to send him. Thank you.

Just a quick Note I am going through the same thing and it seems to
pick and choose it's victims. Skittles seems to have it the worst,
Nibbler had it serious for a week but it seems to come and go with
lil symptoms now and Baci has abnoraml count of cells in his stool
but other then that no symptoms. All are on medication. Although
Skittles is on chicken soup, and A/D feline moist food. He has to be
forced fed by the scruff but takes it very well as for the medicine
he turns into a tornado and tries to pull a magician trick. My point
is check into the grinding of the teeth I read that it could be
ulcers. I have not had this yet but just stick to the bland food
(above).I know allllll about it although I have 3 and it is a trio of
trouble. Although I would do anything for these guys. The one major
thing that is important keep up on the fluids dehydration is not
pretty.I syringe water to them they seem to like it must be like
feeding them grapes (oh, Master)! All the best to u and your fuzzy,
to a fast recovery:) Vex