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From: Christal Pollock
Date: 2001-08-18 09:40:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Dr. Williams: Re: Partial

There is one reference I've seen:

Weiss CA, BH Williams, MV Scott. 1998. Insulinoma in the Ferret: Clinical Findings and Treatment Comparison of 66 Cases. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association 34: 471-475.

--Christal Pollock

>>> meeshmeesh1@y... 08/18/01 07:02AM >>>
Dr. Williams,
Hello and a quick thank you for your time and effort
on this mailing list. I know that all of us are
extremely appreciative of your time, input, and
expertise. Thank you. :)
I had a question regarding a recent post of yours
that stated:

".. like a partial pancreatectomy, that are
associated with significantly increase remission times
over simple nodulectomy."

At some point over the last month, I was asking if
anyone knew of any references regarding a similar
issue (partial pancreatectomies when nodules aren't
found) and/or if there is any information regarding
which limb is more often affected. I found one JAVMA
article regarding surgery versus no surgery, but none
regarding partial pancreatectomies (admitedly, I only
did a quick search). I wondered if this statement
came from clinically based experience or if there are
any articles (which I'd love to have in my
Either way, to the best of your knowledge, is there
any percent of the pancreas that is best to remove,
and/or any particular area or limb?
Also, I had a question regarding the surgery. I
have read in a number of places that vets often
perform the procedure by, "pinching" off the nodule.
As a pathologist, I wondered if you had any concerns
regarding this method, as it is an inexact way of
making sure you have a wide margin of incision (ie:
getting "all" the affected tissue, even that which is
not visible to the naked eye at the edge of the

Appreciate any information you have to offer.


Michaela Maurice
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ohio State University
Class of 2002

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