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From: Moxie
Date: 2001-08-18 10:23:00 UTC
Subject: new treat

I saw a new treat advertised on the inside cover of Ferrets magazine
made by Totally Ferret. I emailed Totally Ferret and asked if it was
available. They said it should be on the market in mid-October, and the
good news is that it will not contain any form of sugar. I think this
is something that we have been hoping for. I won't buy any of those
so-called ferret treats that contain sugar or dried fruit. Currently
I'm conning Chance into thinking that Zupreem ferret food is a treat, as
I don't feed it to him as food. There was a coupon for a free sample in
the magazine to send in to Totally Ferret, but I think if you ask for
one when it's available, they will send you one.
Moxie and Chance