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From: ferret mom
Date: 2001-08-18 19:43:00 UTC
Subject: adrenal and insulinoma malignancies ??

I'm a bit confused on the fact that sometimes I see
all adrenal tumors referred to as malignancies or
cancers. I guess that's where I'm confused. Are all
malignancies cancer and all cancers malignancies?
Does one of these terrible words have a double meaning
of just being a tumor and not what I usually think of
when I hear the words? I think of them as
interchangeable. I know the tumor that was in the
gland removed from my girl was not actually cancer. It
was described as a neoplasm. Are all insulinomas
cancer that will spread out of the pancreas and effect
other organs? Or are they non cancerous in some or
all of the cases? My girl also had an insulinoma
removed. She had no symptoms and the insulinoma was
found during the adrenal surgery. So far she has a
normal sugar that is holding at around 120 when she
has been tested.
Thank you

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