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Date: 2001-08-19 10:21:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenal tissue vrs. ectopic tissue???

My ferret had bilateral adrenalectomy?? almost 2 years ago. The left was
surgically removed and the right frozen with cryosurgery. Bandit's had a
host of problems since contracting ECE back in Feb. of this year (so it's
been really hard to know what's been going on with him). Recently I noticed
he's been lethargic and his tail is going bald so I grew concerned wondering
if his adrenal disease was back???

I recently ran the TP and it was ever so slightly elevated, it was suggested
that I wait six months and retest. Well, Bandit's condition was not getting
better-his appetite was less and he continues to chomp and lip smack during
and after feedings and he's always sleeping of laying flat on his belly.

I took him to a ferret knowledgeable vet in NJ who
o ran his BG in house which was 45-49 and did an ultrasound which showed his
right adrenal gland back-he said it was slightly larger then normal about the
size of an eraser. All along I thought Bandit did not need hormone
replacements because he had ectopic tissue-now I find out it's the right
adrenal gland back!!

My vet thinks the ECE in the past could have very well been or led to IBD and
that may be causing the low BG or them more obvious insulinoma. Bandit's
x-rays also revealed a lot of gas in the colon which was the same last year
when he had x-rays. My vet prescribed a couple of things 1) .50 of
pedia-pred (1x) a day for two weeks 2) pro-zyme in his food to help break the
nutrients down 3) a sprinkle of tylan powder on his food for bad bacteria in
intestines and 4) clavimox twice a day for 10 days (because he has gingivitis)

I am following the pred and carafate treatment protocol-it is very hard to
disguise the taste of the tylan and I have the pro-zyme on order. I will
wait after the pred to give the clavimox because I don't want to stress him
out to much.

Can you give me your opinion on the treatment I'm following or suggestions on
what you think is a good idea to ask my vet or have him do??

Bandit is 5 but very fragile and I'm real nervous about putting him through
another surgery- I can't afford to start Lupron this early on so my vet
suggested waiting for clinical signs first...

Also Bandit does have cataracts on his eyes as I suspected?? what causes them
and what can I do about it??

Please help.