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From: Regina Harrison
Date: 2001-08-17 15:15:05 UTC
Subject: re: Diagnosing adrenal disease

From: "Per Amneus" <per.amneus@f...>

>Since Cilla is pretty old, surgery does not seem like a good idea. I
>understand Lupron is the best alternative to surgery? But what happens >if
>Lupron is given to ferret that does not have adrenal gland disease?

My ferret Cully started showing hair loss typical of adrenal disease when he
was already living with lymphoma and insulinoma, so surgery was not an
option for him. My vet said that we couldn't be sure that the hair loss
wasn't related to his other illnesses (for example, he may have shed his
winter coat, but due to the lymphoma, he might not have been able to grow
much of a summer coat), BUT, in her opinion, the lupron was unlikely to have
any negative effect on his health. He had previously had one adrenal gland
removed, so it seemed pretty likely that the other gland could be cancerous
as well. Since Lupron has minimal side effects, I decided to go ahead and
do the three shot series.

Whether it worked or not I'm not entirely sure; I think his fur was growing
back in, but he passed away a week and a half after the last shot of the
series after succumbing to the lymphoma. I don't think that the Lupron had
any negative effects on his health, but he was so compromised I can't know
for sure. Monday is actually the one year anniversary of his passing; I
have to try not to think of that during my job interview :-/

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