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Date: 2001-08-20 12:45:00 UTC
Subject: re: digestive distress

My ferret Rowdy is 3.5 y/o MF male. He had both adrenals
removed in March. He is on Florinef and Pediapred. Before
discovering he needed those two meds, he lost a lot of weight and
began grinding his teeth. Have been giving him duck soup. I add
some Pepcid AC to ease his stomach upset.
He was doing well and gaining weight, and the grinding of teeth
had stopped. Over the past two weeks, he has reverted to grinding
his teeth, not eating all his "soup", retching, and occasionally
vomiting small amounts.
From searching the FHL archives, I see that some people have
given simethicone for upset stomach. Would that be advised here?
What dosage? Rowdy is a small male - just under 2lbs, I'd say.
Does anyone have other ideas? This doesn't seem to be a
blockage, as food does pass through his system.
Will likely take Rowdy to the vet later this week, but would
like to have some potential things for him to check in to - he is
very open to suggestion.
Thanks to all the vets - this list is a wonderful resource for
us ferret owners! (or are we owned by the ferrets....?)