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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-20 15:46:00 UTC
Subject: Important reminders


1. When using abbreviations remember to at some point in the text
DEFINE what those abbreviations mean -- either giving the translation
or a definition/interchangeable term. If there is one unifying
factor here it is the level of curiosity and the joy in learning
derived from that curiosity which is the hallmark of intelligent

2. Remember that while we all realize that the experts on the list
DO know more about their specialties than the rest of us do, we all
also know that there are very concerned and -- for a number -- very
experienced and knowledgeable lay-people. Please, be careful to not
unnecessarily insert strata or cause divisions in a forum which
endorses full discourse with full respect. There ARE certainly times
in which vet-to-vet communication is most effective and desired, but
we all know that historically there have been situations in which
vets have learned from non-vets until they then acquired the needed
refs to surpass them by combining those refs with their educational
foundation. Since this is a public list rather than being a private
conversation between two people it is best to also remember and
respect the rest in a post.

When people insert a division into the list it reduces the number of
replies which may have been helpful, may cause hurt feelings, can
insert confusion, and it can reduce the opportunities to learn for
all list members.