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Date: 2001-08-20 12:42:00 UTC
Subject: Biopsy results-eosinopholic gastroententis & Insulinoma

Maggie (4 year old MF) has been diagnosed with insulinoma and inflammatory bowel disease, specifically eosinophilic gastroenteritis.
Maggie received an Ivermectin injection with a second injection scheduled in two weeks. For the insulinoma she is getting .50 ml Pediapred twice a day for two weeks and dropping down to .25ml twice a day for three weeks.
Maggie will be starting a diet of Hill’s z/d to try and resolve the EG symptoms. The vet was out of z/d so she’s still on the a/d right now. I’m also getting some ground emu as a backup since it’s my understanding that they can rebound from the new food and you should have something “waiting in the wings” so to speak.
I’m mixing the Pediapred in a small amount of her a/d since she struggles against the syringe.
From what I’m reading (please correct me if I’m wrong) because she has the insulinoma the Essiac would not be good for her. I have been sprinkling a small amount of Slippery Elm Bark on her a/d to sooth her tummy and was considering adding some acidophilus to her diet. Would there be any benefit to the acidophilus? Her poopies look like puddles and aren’t formed at all.
Are Ferretone and Ferrevite now out of the question for her? What treats would be good for her? She doesn’t see baby food as a treat, it’s a dietary staple for her now.
Any input would be great. Thank you to everyone who keep us in your thoughts and prayers, I was a very worried mom!
Connie, Butch, and Maggie