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From: Eileen Eriksen
Date: 2001-08-20 17:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: adrenal ferret- surgery or lupron?

Thank you for answering, Steph. I'm sorry for your loss of Hemingway. It
sounds like the surgery gave him a lot longer life and better quality,
though. My first ferret died a year ago at age 2 and broke our hearts- we
never could figure out what he had although the vet thought it might have
been a bone marrow cancer (he died of anemia).
I think my vet has experience with the surgery, but he told me that 90% of
the ones he's done have turned out to be the left, so maybe he doesn't have
experience with the right one...I will ask him more questions before I make
up my mind, though.
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From: Steph [mailto:rumtum99@s...]
Sent: Friday, August 17, 2001 2:47 AM

I personally would always choose surgery as first choice for adrenal gland
provided that the ferret is realatively healthy, as most times it can be
cured, or at least give good quality life. My vet removed Hemingway's right
adrenal gland when he was 1 year of age. He never had reoccurrence, and
passed away at 5 from insulinoma. I do not see any reason why the right
would not be able to be removed. If your vet has not done this before maybe
find a vet who has experience.
Take care,