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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-04 04:54:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Low Protein & Whipping Cream

Patty wrote:
<Assuming the amount of whipping cream you are
using is a small amount to
flavor the food, I see no problem with the protein
content, it is mostly
sugars and fat, some protein from the cow milk-
not close to the amount
in the kibble, or meats that are being
fed.........Can't you just go to the senior foods,

or is he real picky now? Or meat baby food? <

First of all, the senior foods are still way too
high, assuming you mean TF for Seniors. The meat
baby foods are also very high in protein. With
renal disease, the kidneys can't process protein
(or only in very low quantities). I know that he
needs SOME protein. Champ is now eating a low
protein food, Hill's K/D. I don't have the bag
but it seems it is around 7% protein,
significantly lower than the TF he's used to. I
just didn't know how to translate the 1% of RDA
(whipping cream) to the percentage of total
protein. He likes the K/D, just doesn't seem to
have much of an appetite these days. I just want
to make sure I'm not counteracting the low protein
content of the K/D with a high protein additive.
I have also cut the Gerber's chicken baby food out
of his soup for this same reason, per doctor's

I am satisfied with what I am feeding in response
to his disease. I am just curious about adding
whipping cream. I will ask my vet tomorrow when I
speak to him. Just wanted some other input.

I am beginning to think that Champ may have an
upset tummy (ulcers?) from all of this ordeal.
His poops aren't tarry so he doesn't have
extensive bleeding, at least. He is licking his
lips (chewing when he's not eating) and does the
flat ferret thing quite a bit. I'm going to put
him on a round of meds to treat tummy upset/ulcers
since that may be what's keeping him from eating
(I hope, I least that's probably