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Date: 2001-08-20 23:04:00 UTC
Subject: Stress Ulcers, Diarrhea

I have a 4 YO Female MF ferret (Cricket) who suffers from mucus-y
diarrhea and ulcers when under stress. The first incident occurred in
September 2000, following bilateral adrenal removal. It took around
10 weeks of intensive therapy with antibiotics to bring her around.
This case included blood bubbling from her mouth, and severe weight
loss. At one point, she was down to 808 grams.

The second incident occurred following the introduction of a new
ferret into the household, in March 2001, when Joey came aboard.
Cricket began passing straight mucus blobs instead of diarrhea, and
this was accompanied by severe vomiting. Intensive care included 2x
daily injections of Cimetidine and Bupronex, along with 2x daily 1.0
cc amoxicillin, as Baytril and other more appropriate antibiotics
were vomited back up.

The third incident began on August 6, 2001 after introducing 2 young,
healthy MF ferret boys into the business. I caught this case
immediately and had Cricket in to see the vet within hours of the
first mucus diarrhea and we began amoxicillin therapy, 1 cc 2x daily.
Not much relief until 8/17/01 when we again started Cimetidine and
Bupronex injections along with the oral amoxi. Poops are now semi-
formed, but yellowish in color and very seedy. Her diet is consisting
of Gerber #2 chicken and Pedialyte, mixed about 50/50, with an
occasional tartar-control kitty treat.

My question is: In a case such as this, is it advisable to give
acidophilis to restore the instestinal flora? If so, what is the
recommended dosage and frequency? Is there enough damage to the
intestines at this point that we should be following a different
medical protocol? Cricket is a small ferret, now weighing in at
approximately 1.5 lbs.