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From: Gary Holowicki
Date: 2001-03-04 04:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: enlarged spleen

The only thing I've found dependably shrinking ferret spleens is
500ppm colloidal silver, oral, 1-3cc/day. They usually lick it off the
dropper, and I offer it to mine daily. When they've had enough it's
interesting, they usually shake their heads like it's bitter all of a

I only use and recommend the product from the Silver wings co., as
I know it's a true colloidal suspension, not a silver salt. They also have
a very good price, about $29 for a 4 oz bottle with dropper. (no I don't
work for them or have interest, just found it the best product & price. A
recent internet search showed the same strength for $95.)

Results is usually in 2-3 weeks, reduction to less than 1/2 size.

If anyone's interested I'll post my current regiem of food, etc.

take care,

Gary & the gang of fur
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totally healed from "terminal lymphoma" without drugs or surgery. :)
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