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Date: 2001-08-21 08:06:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Followup response on EG ferret (Maggie)

Dear Dr. Williams,
Thank you for the input. To answer some of your questions.
The pred is being used for both the EG (eosinonophilic gastroenteritis) and the insulinoma. We discovered the EG and a nodule on her pancreas during a biopsy. The nodule was removed. Her BG at the time of the biopsy was 61. The biopsy was perfomed because she was refusing to eat kibble (Ferret Store & TF). During that period (about 3 weeks) she lived exclusively on chicken baby food.
With regards to the ground emu, as opposed to air emu :) the vet memtioned that other sources of protein might be needed and actually mentioned kangaroo (!) and emu. I wonder if the allergy is a result of the binding products (corn, rice, etc) in the kibble rather than the chicken itself.
Thank you again for you comments AND humor!
Connie, Butch, and Maggie (who are ferrets on the ground, not ground ferrets)