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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-08-21 08:25:00 UTC
Subject: Very vague query - any assistance appreciated

some of my critters with insulinoma have higher than normal body temperature when they're having periods of low glucose. since
you've noticed both high temperature and wobbely behavior, my first thought would be to run a fasting (4 hour fast) glucose test.
have you already done this? and what kind of injections is she receiving?

From: weezul <weezul1@y...>

Hi all

One of my girls is a 7-year old silvermitt. She's
been checked by the vet and I'm told she's in good

One thing that we can't figure out is why she
sometimes gets a fever -- no apparent reason why --
and I have to take her down to the vet for an
injection to bring her temperature down.

She seems to suddenly get warm and I've noticed she
tends to walk strangely and when she's licking at the
water bowl, she doesn't hold herself up by her two
front paws. The next day she is really quite hot and
dry and seems to "flop" when she comes out of her
sleep sack and is totally lethargic.

My vet is at a loss to explain the problem and I can't
seem to find anything on the Web that might point him
to a diagnosis. Would anyone have any idea as to why
she'd seem to suddenly get this high temperature? She
eats/drinks well and, apart from these occasional
temperatures, seems to be pretty normal.

This has happened twice over the past 4-6 months and
I'm mystified.

Any thoughts/suggestions/help would be greatly

Thanks in advance!

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