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From: jamie
Date: 2001-08-22 03:37:00 UTC
Subject: Hair loss/Red Orange Marks

Gweedo is around 5-6 yrs. old. He's always been very healthy with
the exception of the tumors they found on his testicles when he got
fixed. Last year he was diagnosed with asthma, in the 5 years that
I've had him I don't see that as very much wrong.
Now he has these orange/red marks on his abdomen and he is loosing
his hair on his arms and legs. I took him to the vet and he didn't
know what it was but thought what I thought that it was an allergic
reaction to new bedding. Bedding was removed and he got a shot of
prednisone 20mg and sent home with tribrissen liquid 2 times a day.
The hair is still gone and the orange/red marks are spreading. I
called the vet and have an appointment but I don't want to go back
and him tell me he still doesn't know. Any advice would be good.
This is the only vet in the area who knows anything about ferrets,
and he is a very nice vet but I want my little guy to get well.
Thank you