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Date: 2001-08-22 15:49:00 UTC
Subject: Regarding possibly sick or depressed.

I got Peanut a doctor's appt tonight. Last minute cancelation.
Yea!!!! Anyway, I tried the baby food, i tried Ensure Vanilla, the
emergency vet I contacted last night suggested that. She now has
diarea it is greenish and yellowish. When i offer her anything to eat
she gags at me and cowers in the corner or runs away. i tried the
best i could to feed her. I hope she is ok. I will let you know what
the doctor says tonight. We got so desprite last night my husband was
trying to give her vegtables from his dinner. i as up with her until
one this morning, I just figured I was upsetting her more so i let
her sleep till this morning then another round of gaging. Please wish
us luck.