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From: Stephanie
Date: 2001-08-22 23:32:00 UTC
Subject: Strange Observation - ???

Hi All,

First I want to start off by saying that I was at my vet's again today for
Emeline and she for sure has Insulinoma along with her Lymphoma and she is
starting to show signs of adrenal. -sigh- I'm unsure as to surgery with her
lymphoma and age so I have to think hard about this. I also talked to my vet
(and gave her a bunch of print outs from this list) about the Propecia for
Icabod as he has begun whining again while trying to pee. She will get back
to me tomorrow about it.

Here's my observation and questions to whether or not it makes sense. Since
Icabod's bladder is distended my vet showed me how to apply pressure to him
so that he will urinate and I can empty his bladder whenever I feel that he
is full. When I do this he never cries. Just a few minutes ago I heard him
crying and ran out to see if he could urinate. He strained and cried and
only a tiny bit came out. Then he moved a couple of steps and tried again
and his cries got louder. I could see a little dotted line where he had been
trying and moving. I reached down to get him to feel his bladder and as I
had him upright (feet dangling with my hand under his front legs) he started
to stream urine, so I put him down and he strained again and cried. I picked
him up the same way and he streamed a huge puddle. I then took him to the
sink and applied pressure and got even more out. My question is, does it
make sense that in a different position he can urinate more freely? Does
body position move the prostate out of the way?

Thanks in advance,

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