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From: fur. chaos. weezilarchy.
Date: 2001-08-23 01:26:00 UTC
Subject: outright emergency: unwell skunk!

hey... i'm in a friend's dorm room and her skunk has taken ill...
around 9 he seemed tired/lethargic... midnight he was stiff, vomiting,
and gassy, and shaking... we've gotten some water and some yogurt into
him, but we can't get ahold of *any* emergency vet at this hour:

email killerviolets@h... if *anyone* can help... if we can get
him to hang on until tomorrow morning, we can get him to a vet...

,',', __
\ `'`,/ \ ()o=;
`'`','`/ . \/ /
( / \" /
\(_ \(_ ferrets may nip, but people just suck.

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