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From: fur. chaos. weezilarchy.
Date: 2001-08-23 12:21:00 UTC
Subject: carafate for oral ulcer--how should i administer it?

biscuit got a cut on the roof of his mouth a while back, which, with
antibiotics, has ot gotten infected but instead actually formed a small
hole in his palate. i am having a scrip for carafate filled as i type
this, but am wondering how i should actually administer it... the 1
gram pills are supposed to be divided into 8ths, which is going to be a
trick to begin with. should i just make a paste out of the prescribed
amount and actually spread it on the roof of his mouth, or make a
suspension out of it and just give it to him by syringe, or try to get
actual solid pieces into him or what?

from what i understand, caafate works by coating the lining of the
stomach/GI tract, but i don't quite know how this will happen in his
mouth if he swallows the stuff... if i make a suspension in water, at
least i'll be able to get the dosage right fairly easily.

ideas? with this hole in his palate, he's not eating at ALL unless i
absolutely force him to. before i can work on anything else with him,
i've got to get him eating again.


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