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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-23 18:17:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Coumadin

Have you tried low levels of aspirin?

When Meltdown could not tolerate aspirin (tried when she was throwing
clots due to advanced cardiomyopathy) we went to trying large doses
of E since that might be able to reduce the effects of K. If it had
an effect it was minor.

> >Mary <sirk6@m...> wrote:
>> Ooh-Ooh! (waving hand) I think I know! ADV positive ferrets to stop
>> clotting of the blood in their veins and/or arteries?
>Yes. The high globulin levels result in blood like sludge. I'm always
>trying to think of things that may improve the condition of my foster
>kids with Aleutian's. My vet and I didn't want to suggest this
>treatment outright since we don't want anyone accidently killing
>their ferret with rat poison.
>Since I'm not the only one out there living with ADV+ ferrets, we
>were hoping someone had some input on this drug and any thoughts if
>this might work.
>Thanks in advance.
> -Carla