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From: Caitlyn M. Martin
Date: 2001-08-23 14:59:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: digestive distress

Hi, Lisann, Erin, and everyone else,
> Lisann, how much pediapred is Rowdy on and how often? I'm not a vet
> but it's possible that the pred is irritating his stomach. Make sure
> to give the pred after a good meal to try and avoid upsetting his
> stomach. If you're giving the pepcid with his meal, it's probably
> not doing much good. I'd suggest giving it 30 minutes prior to a
> meal. I've had better luck with sucralfate (carafate) myself but I'm
> not sure that our situations are the same.

Our bilateral adrenal boy, Pertwee, does not respond to prednisone. That
probably led to his Addisonian Crisis last June. Our vet subsitituted
dexamethasone, and he has done very well indeed on that, with no side effects
whatsoever. If the pred is causing problems for him, that may be an option to
discuss with your vet. I do know that dexamethasone can have side effects as
well, and I am not a vet, but it is something you can ask about.

Oh, Pertwee is 100% back to normal, and he had additional medical problems
beyond the adrenal disease. He's an active, bouncy, three pound three year

Good luck,