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From: Shelby Kimura
Date: 2001-08-23 20:26:00 UTC
Subject: Ferrets 2002 Symposium Flyer Available

****International Ferret 2002 Symposium Announcement****

The Ferrets 2002 Symposium Flyer is available for download off of the
website. You can access it through the "Flyer Available" link or
via the "Symposium Flyer" button, both on the mainpage.

Regional coordinators will be distributing this flyer to any ferret
clubs/shelters, veterinarians, and pet stores in their area. If your
province/state does not have a regional coordinator, please feel free
to download and distribute the flyer yourself. If you are interested
in becoming a coordinator, please email me directly. Lastly, please
respect the wishes of any organization or business if they choose not
to display it.


Shelby Kimura
International Ferret Symposium 2002 Committee

*Remember to register before September 4 to be eligible for a $25
Ferret Store gift certificate*