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From: fur. chaos. weezilarchy.
Date: 2001-08-23 15:56:00 UTC
Subject: *sob* the skunk didn't make it

thanks to anyone that might have seen the message and replied to daina.

he died at 4 AM, after many frantic phone calls and attempts to find an
available and willing vet. he was doing fairly well for a couple hours,
then around three he just started having seizure after seizure... we
dont' know if he got into somethign he shouldn't have, but that's what
i think must have happened, because we were able to get honey and
gatorade into him for a while there, so i think it it was just
hypoglycemia we would have maybe been making progress.

poor little guy... only 4 months old, and such a sweetheart. it's not
been a good week. one of the rats i fostered for several months also
died yesterday (back with her real human), and biscuit is not doing
well at all... sometimes i feel so damn helpless... i just feel like i
should have been able to do something more for the skunk, i mean, pogo
the rat was old, and biscuit's really old, also... but the skunk was
just a baby, and i feel like i failed him.

sorry to be a bit off topic, here, i just needed to ramble. now i'm off
to try and carafate biscuit. :(


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