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Date: 2001-08-23 23:24:00 UTC
Subject: Feeding a Ferret recovering from ECE

My ferret Fitz as you may recall is recovering from ECE. It has been
a month now and he seems to be improving. He has begun to eat a
little kibble in addition to his soup. He absolutely loves Science
Diet W/D formula. My fat cats eat the Science Diet because it is
high in fiber and has less calories. I was wondering if the extra
fiber could be helping Fitz to form more normal stools, which he is
doing now. He seems to be less nauseous and more comfortable. He is
also eating some of his regular kibble too. The soup has regular
kibble, A/D, Ensure Plus, and oatmeal baby cereal. It seems to be
pretty high in calories. He is more active and getting back to his
normal routine. I think the soup supplies plenty of calories because
he is gaining not losing weight. If anyone has any input or advice,
I would appreciate it.
Fitz, Honey, and Buster (The wild ones)