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Date: 2001-08-24 00:40:00 UTC
Subject: ECE...Going on for 1 month now ....HELP!

I have three ferrets Skittles, Nibbler, and Baci. Skittles got sick
first and a day later Nibbler. Their symptoms were Throwing up,
lathargic (just wanted to sleep or rest) the worst stool I have ever
seen...liquidy, smelly, muscusy green, orange, tan, creamy and seedy.
Nibbler began to show improvement a week later and I thought Skittles
was as well but then he dropped into it again. It has been 4 weeks,
and he just had the diarrhea and now he is puking again!To tell you
my routine for the last 2 weeks is I have been using Tylan (0.5cc of
tylan diluted in 15cc's of water 2.5cc's every 12 for 3 days)then
using a prescription by my vet to use Chloro Palm 250(1cc every 12
hours for 12 days). I am only feeding the chicken soup nothing else
and maybe only getting between 15-28cc's every 12 hours.The Tylan I
have used twice once for 3 days last week and now once again this
week for 3 days again. I am going to stop using the Tylan and just
stick with the medication and hopefully see an improvement. I am also
going to just feed chicken with broth with a lil water and leave out
the whipping cream and nutrical. Perhaps the richness is causing an
upset. I am trying to be patient although this has been 1 month and I
am having such a hard time looking at my baby in discompfort. This
last week I will tell you the stool has not changed and he is hating
me force feeding the medications and the soup. Although it must be
done for him otherwise I don't know what would happen. There is no
dehydration, has spurts of energy and then just lies flat staring out
with a sad face, a friend listened to his tummy after 6 cc's of the
chicken soup and did not seem to hear any gurgles in the tummy which
questions if he is even digesting. He does not seem to be in pain to
touch his belly area. His weight just seems to be dropping at a
gradual pace. His fat sacks are nearing their last and with the
chicken soup is beginning to throw it up agian only after 14 cc's I
am booking another appointment and would like some assistance to if
this has been experienced. Or if you have and idea or perhaps
something that will settle his belly. I think perhaps an ulcer or
some sort of tummy thing. We seen his weight lose before the virus
hit so also have some thoughts that something else was going on
before and just made it worse. I would not mind to hear anything from
either Vet or personal experiences. I have used pepto bismol and
quite using it when it seemed to not help then used the Tylan but
think it may be interfering with the medication perscribed I have
heard of liquid immodium but not sure on the measurments for a ferret.
Skittles drinks water and attempts a few pieces of kibble but seems
to be uncompfortable and depressed please help me! Vex

Ps Baci is a whole other story he was an over weight ferret when I
bought him from a pet store and seems to have a bit of green stool
but other then that no other symptoms ( to make a very long story
short )