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From: Per Amneus
Date: 2001-08-24 07:49:00 UTC

First of all I would like to thank for the answers to my previous question.
And Regina, I hope yopur job interview went well, despite of the bad timing
of it.

Anyway, my 5 yo. female Cilla lost hair and got a completely bald spot on
her back. The fur on the bald spot started to regrow just a few days later,
and for a while we could notice a day-to-day difference (And, no, i don't
think it's because she sneeks into the bathroom and uses my Rogaine bottle
when I don't see it...) She has also stopped scatching herself extensively
since I started giving her a spoon of corn oil every day.

According to the veterinary, ferrets with adrenal gland disease were
unlikely to regaine their fur that fast. I would very much appreciate
comments on this.

In Cilla's casse it is like if her change from winter fur to summer fur
freaked out. She lost her winter fur far too late, and at her rear she did
not loose the winter fur at all, until she suddenly lost it right at the
border between summer fur and winter fur without having any summer fur
beneath. Could this be adrenal gland disease, or is it just a disturbance of
some kind?

Thankful for comments!