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Date: 2001-08-24 12:46:00 UTC
Subject: Hair Loss and black speckles on Tail?!

My wife and I are starting to become quite concerned and a bit
confused about the condition of one of our pair of California Stretch

Sherlock's tail fur has thinned out a LOT on his tail, mostly towards
the tip and getting thicker towards the tailbase. He also has black
speckles all over the skin of his tail. The speckles don't rub off
and the hair is thin enough to easily see his skin at tail tip. It
seems to be getting more sparse as times goes on, but is not quickly

He seems healthy otherwise and is eating. I am getting to the point
where I'm readying to isolate him for a few nights to track his fecal
deposits and eating rate to see if anything seems abnormal there.

He is still the healthy seeming raisin slut he has normally been.
Still pretty active, but seems to tire out a bit faster now.

I hope I am just paranoid, but is there something I should be keeping
an eye out for?

I hope to hear from you all,
Thank you!