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Date: 2001-08-24 10:13:00 UTC
Subject: bleeding in ear

Brutus has had crusted blood in one ear for the last several days. At first
I thought he must have scratched it, but after gently cleaning out the crusts
with mineral oil and swabs each day, I can't see a scratch even with an
otoscope. The ear canal seems to fill almost immediately with fresh red
after I clean it. It doesn't smell, and doesn't look like there is any pus.
He's not scratching at it or rubbing it. I have checked the exudate under a
microscope several times and have not found a mite. He is behaving normally
in all respects and his balance seems fine. He does have access to an
outdoor run, though he doesn't go out there much (wondering about a weed seed
or cheat grass in his ear).

I have an appointment with my vet tomorrow morning, but I'm wondering if any
of you have seen this. I'm afraid there might be a tumor in there since
there is bleeding with no apparent infection or pain.