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From: Jane
Date: 2001-08-24 16:21:00 UTC
Subject: Cantaloupe/honeydew - yes or no?

Missed a lot of posts lately due a system glitch. After
feeding my iguanas one day, I had some small peices of
cantaloupe & honeydew melon left over. I know vegetables can
cause blockages, but I figured there were just a couple small
pieces, they have a lot of water in them, and they are a lot
less sweet than raisins. First day or so, my 3 just tasted
and walked on, next couple days they sat & ate it. Now, I
can't get their food in the door fast enough! If any one of
them is asleep, they miss out! I don't feed much, just about
8 pcs on 2 different plates, about 3/4" long, maybe 3/8" wide,
and maybe 3/8" thick per piece. They like cataloupe the best
and will est that first, then the honeydew. Is this ok??

Also, had some cooked chicken livers left over one night, and
chopped a couple up, and fed them to my furries (along with a
heart & kidney). Any harm in this?? They don't like these as
much as the fruit above. I've noticed my male's coat has
gotten very soft & luxurious - almost like a winter coat.
Could this be the fruit? This happened after the fruit for
3-4 weeks, and well before the chicken livers, which they
really don't eat much. Adopted 2 girls a couple weeks ago,
and now that they have started eating the fruit, the one's
coat is becoming much like the male's. Coincidence??