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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-08-24 20:15:00 UTC
Subject: Amputation: at hock or stifle?

Hey all,

I have a new little one with a mangled rear foot that needs to be
amputated - surgery is Monday. There is probably enough salvagable tissue
to amputate at the hock (the joint just above the foot). That would leave
her a nice long stumpy leg, and hopefully she'd use it to get around on.
Can anyone with a tripod ferret comment as to whether or not they use
these? And do they tend to stay raw or irritated long-term? If they
don't use this kind of a stump, or if they tend to not heal up well, my
vet can amputate it at the stifle (the next joint up). We just don't want
to work extra hard to leave her this longer leg and then have to go back
and amputate it higher up later.

Thanks in advance for any experiences!

-Pam S.