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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-08-24 22:27:00 UTC
Subject: bleeding in ear

>Brutus has had crusted blood in one ear for the last several days. At first
>I thought he must have scratched it, but after gently cleaning out the crusts
>with mineral oil and swabs each day, I can't see a scratch even with an
>otoscope. The ear canal seems to fill almost immediately with fresh red
>after I clean it. It doesn't smell, and doesn't look like there is any pus.
>He's not scratching at it or rubbing it. I have checked the exudate under a
>microscope several times and have not found a mite. He is behaving normally
>in all respects and his balance seems fine. He does have access to an
>outdoor run, though he doesn't go out there much (wondering about a weed seed
>or cheat grass in his ear).
>I have an appointment with my vet tomorrow morning, but I'm wondering if any
>of you have seen this. I'm afraid there might be a tumor in there since
>there is bleeding with no apparent infection or pain.

Is it also stinky as if a secondary fungal infection may have set in?

Any chance of a tick in there, or of any injury?

When we've had mites they have shown up pretty readily under the
microscope. The are clear but the motion (like waving legs as they
try to right themselves on the swab) makes them noticeable.

Hope it works out well tomorrow. Let us all know what you learn.