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Date: 2001-08-24 22:48:00 UTC
Subject: ECE...Stool becoming firmer WOO HOO!

Good News I acually gave him Pepto bismol and it stayed down then I
gave him chicken with broth baby food (not the chicken soup) and his
stool has firmed up.....WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don't usually
come home and go right to the poop and start gleaming with joy but
this is an exception. I see the Vet tomorrow (Aug.25) I may just get
somethings checked just to make sure my friend Betty gave me a few
ideas yesterday and they seem to be working although I give great
thanks to all your suggestions they are muchly appreciated. I think
the strain was lasting this long because of the chicken soup being
too rich for his tum tum so just plain chicken with broth baby food
seems to do the trick as well i have a secret it may not work for
everyone or work in all seasons but I would give Skittles his
medication and then take him outside to distract him from the tast of
it and with each syringe of chicken with broth I would do the same it
seemed to the the trick I guess when you are in desperate need you
will try anything and I think this makes a good point for us all is
to do trial and error tell it works. I was willing to try anything
within the safety of my babies of course. This brings me with more
and more hope! I know this can last on and off for a year but I just
started to think Skittles could not take anymore of this he just got
soooo depressed and in turn it depressed me! I do not wish this on
anyone and hope we find a vaccine or cure for this since it is so
hard on the parents and of course out lil furr kids. Again thank u
all for giving your advice I will still keep u posted as well keep
your ideas in mind since I am not out of the danger zone yet! VEX---

In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Steve Austin <kazpat1@j...> wrote:
> Vex,
> It does sound like the typical ECE course, and after the
> initial diarrheal illness, some ferrets go through a wasting
> period that lasts up to 6 weeks.
> Antibiotics don't help after the initial illness, unless there
> is a secondary infection documented.
> Ulcers do happen from stress, but is he grinding teeth, or
> black,blood stools?
> Keep Skittles on the bland diet of Gerber Chicken baby food,
> or similar and I think a course of steroids can help, but not
> sure if that is in the initial phases or not.
> There is great info on ECE and treatment- mostly supportive
> care on Dr. Williams site and Ferret Central.
> a link to Dr. WIlliams site is there.
> Patty
> . His weight just seems to be dropping at a
> > gradual pace. His fat sacks are nearing their last and with the
> > chicken soup is beginning to throw it up agian only after 14 cc's
> >
> > am booking another appointment and would like some assistance to
> >
> > this has been experienced. Or if you have and idea or perhaps
> > something that will settle his belly. I think perhaps an ulcer or
> > some sort of tummy thing. We seen his weight lose before the
> > hit so also have some thoughts that something else was going on
> > before and just made it worse. I would not mind to hear anything
> > from
> > either Vet or personal experiences.
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