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Date: 2001-08-24 23:56:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Hair Loss and black speckles on Tail?!

I do not know whether it is the same in Rats as it is in ferrets but
I have had this happen to my ferrets and what it was, is Black heads
a build up of oil and dirt it does go away. The vet gave me some
shampoo I can use to wash it and the black heads go down I guess it
is sort of like us. The shampoo I would think has a peroxide in it.
All I know the tail had a yukky smell and hair was very thin. Hope
this kinda heplps or gives you an option. Although as I said i am not
sure if this is the same for rats as it is for ferrets good luck and
no worries...Vex
In Ferret-Health-list@y..., aikizenmonkey@y... wrote:
> My wife and I are starting to become quite concerned and a bit
> confused about the condition of one of our pair of California
> Rats.
> Sherlock's tail fur has thinned out a LOT on his tail, mostly
> the tip and getting thicker towards the tailbase. He also has black
> speckles all over the skin of his tail. The speckles don't rub off
> and the hair is thin enough to easily see his skin at tail tip. It
> seems to be getting more sparse as times goes on, but is not
> progressing.
> He seems healthy otherwise and is eating. I am getting to the point
> where I'm readying to isolate him for a few nights to track his
> deposits and eating rate to see if anything seems abnormal there.
> He is still the healthy seeming raisin slut he has normally been.
> Still pretty active, but seems to tire out a bit faster now.
> I hope I am just paranoid, but is there something I should be
> an eye out for?
> I hope to hear from you all,
> Thank you!