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From: lynn love
Date: 2001-08-25 10:02:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] A phlegmy cough

I have a question and I would really appreciate any
help I could get. Our newest ferret, Nosferretau, has
had a bit of a phlegmy sounding cough the past 2-3
nights. It is non-productive and he is
eating/drinking/playing/sleeping/pooping very well.
This cough stops when I rub his neck, same as what I
do with our asmatic, excitable Pomeranian. This has
never happened before and the other 2 ferrets are
fine. I was wondering, could it be related to some
newspaper we put in the cage? We normally use All
Pine in the cage and litterbox, but lately they
occasionally use the corner next to the box and we
hoped that the paper would stop/delay/divert this
behavior. He has never made this sound before. I
took him to work with me today and observed none of
this behavior. So I am puzzled. He recently had a
check up and he was given the green flag, all was

Thank you,