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From: More Ferrets?!?
Date: 2001-08-25 12:23:00 UTC
Subject: Need help

From: carioca1667@y...


I have a female ferret that is 4 yrs old. Her name is
Sassy. She had her right adrenal gland removed back in
may and right after her hair started to grow back.

any treatment/removal of the left gland?

still has the little black heads in her tail. I don't
know how I can remove them. My vet told me that is not
so important.

russel prater has recommended a clean and clear acne product several times (i seem to recall) , but i forget which one! :)

This past Thursday Sassy woke up not
wanting to walk. I imediately took her to the doctor.
The doctor did a full blood work. Red blood cells a
little lower. Glucose is 186.

seems high...perhaps a retest is called for?

And she found a little
blood in her urine.

infection? perhaps an antibiotic is called for.

We also took X-rays from the side
and from her tomy. Couldn't see a lot. Sassy is around
2.5 lbs. The doctor noticed that on side of her heart
seems to be a little swolem.

it can be tricky to get a good heart your vet very experienced with ferrets?

Please, I need help.
Sassy is eating fine only if we hand feed her with A/D
and baby food. I bought today Hi-Vite drops to give
her some iron for the low red cells. My doctor
suggested to do another test for adrenal gland. I
don't know if it is possible to develp a problem on
the other galnd in only three monts. Is this procedure
something normal? Should I worried about a tumor?

when a critter of mine goes in for adrenal BOTH glands are addresses, either by removal, cryo freezing or a combination of the two.
it's possible for a) trouble in the left gland or b) new tumor where the right used to be. it's unusual to be able to remove every
last bit of the right please tell us what exactly your vet reported. if she only removed a portion, she could have
continuing trouble in the right or left or both.

Sassy doesn't seem to be in pain. She doesn't move,
very lethargic. Should I decide to do a ultrasound to
see if there is a tumor somewhere else in her little

i would worry about that glucose. did you fast her for 4 hours before the test? that would be my first check, since a blood
glucose check is pretty easy for the critter (just give a little blood, dear) and inexpensive. make sure to fast her for 4 hours.
also, how's her weight? how much are you getting into her of the a/d? i assume you've tried to get her back on kibble? it can be
very challenging to get some critters back on kibble, but definately keep trying! :)

Please, email me to
carioca1667@y... or
ale1667@a... or

I would appreciatte any help.

Alexandra & Sassy

lots of potential problems keep the faith, all is not yet lost. :)