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From: Cap
Date: 2001-08-25 19:55:00 UTC
Subject: My Potatoe

One of my very special little girls was going in for adrenal surgery
this Tuesday. I had blood pulled for a CBC on Thursday. Right away I
noticed the color was pale, and knew she was anemic before my vet voiced
the obvious. She said she would call me when the results came back on
Sat. She never did call, and I only got the results after being a bit
ugly on the phone with a tech who really had nothing else to say.

Potatoe is not doing well. What these results mean I haven't a clue.
Would one of our respected vets please look at them on the link below,
if the attachment doesn't carry, and just tell me what they might mean.
This is a very special little girl to me.

Please take a look.

Thank you

Cap and Potatoe

Attachment 149k (image/jpeg) potatoe-cbc.jpg